Sunday, June 9, 2013

Yikes! its been too long

It feels as if I have deserted you, and I guess I really have. Tell you the truth I had lost my motivation to scrap or blog. But I feel the need to still keep in touch and update once in a while. I'm not making any promises. As for loosing my motivation for scrapbooking, its true. For the last month, I'm so overwhelmed with all the beautiful pages I see and the colorful new products, but when I sit down, nothing happens. My fingers don't seem to work right and my mind is else where. There has been a lot going on. We're even closer to finishing and moving into our home,  I've started quilting, got back from NYC a few weeks ago, and summer its pretty much here (my least scrapbooking season of all). 
As for the house, we are working on tile for the floors, cabinets are installed, counter tops will be sometime this week, and mill-work will be painted once the tile is done. Oh and the hardwood is sanded and stained! Its awesome! We're really hoping to be moved in by 4th of July. We're tired and really want our own space and home.

Quilting! I know! Didn’t really think I'd get into it. Last time I did quilting when I was about 10. My mom showed me how to use the sewing machine and told me starting making a quilt (I asked her for one, and we made it together). I finished one to use out doors and it one interesting experience, I remembered why I didn’t like sewing in the first place. And I started to make one for my son Ben, but haven’t finished cuz I keep taking over the dining room when everyone else would like to have lunch. So I'm waiting to move in and have my own space to craft before I finish it and start any other projects.

And NYC! It was amazing! I totally want to go back, I miss the crazy busy city! It was a bit of a spontaneous trip with my Mother-in-law, sister-in-law and my mom, but totally cool! We spent 3 nights and 4days exploring the city and its business. I was telling my hubby that I wouldn’t want to live there but I would love to be able to travel there for work for a few days. Its so different from Seattle or anywhere else I’ve been and we all loved it!

So other then that, its the same old. Home with Ben, work on the house and spend time with family. Good news is that I will have new layouts to share with you all, hopefully soon, and hopefully I'll be motivated to blog. See ya around!

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