Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dollar deal card

ssoo like i said yesterday that i would make some cards for the goodies that i got at the dollar store. well today i only made one from the goodies. here it it let me know what you think

And this one i just want to make. i saw a similar card on Hero Art Blog and really really liked it. its simple and cute! well enjoy

Boy im really tired today. im out. cant stay up much longer waiting for my husband (his at soccer) *sigh*

P.S. tomorrow is APRIL!!!! WoW
Happy april fools everybody!

Monday, March 30, 2009

2 cards

As i said in the blog before, that i would work on a few cards to night and post them. well here they are!
i didn't use any of the products that i bought today at the dollar store but i will for sure!


that's all for tonight. i have work tomorrow... =(
don't want to go.
oh and i got all the ideas from Hero arts blog really great stuff!
have a good night!

Doller deal

Im so excited to share this with you! i went to the dollar store this morning, looking for a broom but ended up buying all these goodies!! and everything is a Dollar! cant beat that price!
regular store everything you see would have cost up to 40 dollars! where at the "dollar tree" everything was only 12 dollars! awesome!

these are 6 yards! for only a buck!!! cant beat that. and sure they may not have a design but that ok with me.

OK so im gonna go work on cards hopefully tonight ill post another blog with the cards!
have a good day!
Leave me a comment!

Friday, March 27, 2009


Ok. so tomorrow after work me and my mother-in-law ( i wish there was a shorts way to say that and didn't sound so..."evil") are going to a Baby shower! went shopping yesterday at "baby's r' us" mom has never been there so we went together and looked around. and this is what we go!

And this is the Card i made! yay
(as you can tell its a Boy!)

The inside

and my mommy-in-law had this cute bag at her house with a pocket in front and the card fit perfectly! and looks great!

And this week my mommy asked me to make some invitations for the egg hunt they are doing for my nephew and niece and some other kids in a few weeks! and i personally really, really like the way they turned out!!

(sorry bad lighting, still cant figure it out. grr)


ok so i hope you enjoyed!! please leave some comments and tell me what you think! i love to hear from everyone!

have a great weekend!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Still here

So I’m officially not going back to Hokold Dev. or at least this year. As some know I got laid off about 2 months ago (or in Jan) and this moth March they offered me to come back. First they said full time till July and then part time. But of course I need full time only and not just for 3 months. So the manager, I guess pulled some strings and said that they will take me full time… sound good but everyone I talked to said its better to stay here at Dobler management. I do miss Hokold Dev. I knew everything there and everyone, but its ok I feel like I can grow more here at Dobler then Hokold.
The other day, I went to a class where they train you and teach and show you new things. They also talk about leasing for a living and where you can move to other positions, like if I wanted to I can’t be a manager of a small property, or still work as a leasing agent for a few years and then more to a manager to a bigger property. Not sure at this time what I want to do. I’m just gonna work as a leasing agent.
Ooh we are going to Resolved Conference! Yay cant wait. Its all the way in June but we are defiantly getting ready. And we’ve talk to some other friends and they are going too! So its gonna be good. Of course LOTS of Info for 3 straight days but its worth it! This years theme is Sin.
I’m happy to say that about a week ago I’ve decided that I want to know the bible more. I remember valik saying that “to understand the new testament I need to know the old.” So I started to reading from the beginning. You have no idea how many times ive started but never got far, but I was young and couldn’t understand. Yay I’m happy!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunday night

so im working on Easter cards for my mom and sisters. BIG order! hehehe not really ;) thought id show you what i have so far.
not much going on with me,just tired. didn't do much just church and then home. valiks brother came over and we played x-box that was fun =) totally lost but it all good.

ok enjoy the cards let me know what you think. have a good week!

Oh and i have 2 other cards that are not Easter =)

Friday, March 13, 2009


so ive been lazy this past week. kinda stressed about my job and my old one. they are giving me my old job back but i feel like there is a catch. but who knows ill meet with the "boss" and we'll see.
ok so... maybe some time next week i wont be lazy and do some work. =)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hey Ya'll

Hey hey! how is everyone out there!
i haven't been updating for a while. sorry ya'll

don't know if i told you in my last blogs but i did find a Job, praise God. still working there, as a leasing agent in apt. i work with great ppl. my manager is Russian so we get along great. and our maintenance guys are really laid back and fun. Praise God!

Another update is that i got a hair Cut! WooHoo!! its a bOb. got it on Monday the 2ND
Please tell me what you think! its not the best pix but thats all i have for now!!

And ive made some more cards this week!!
All my other ones my sister and mom took and they said they loved them! so im excited for these i kow they will LOVE these ones!
If your reading (mom or sisters)! HI! cant wait to see you and to get these cards to you! Love ya!