Monday, October 29, 2012

In the City- layout

For some odd reason I felt like I had no more photos to scrapbook. How does that happen?! But then I remember I take a bunch of random photos on my Cell phone and started to look through them. I realized that these are the every-day photos that tell the story of who I am and what my life is like at the time. I started to remember so many fun little details I had forgotten (thank God for Cell phone cameras, even if they are not the best quality). I quickly started to add those cell phone photos to a "print/scrap" folder on the computer to remember I still have tons of great memories to scrap. This layout is one of the "lost" memories taken by my phone camera. Its a day in Seattle with my mom. She had asked me to meet her there to take care of some passport paper work, but when we got there, it turned out we didn't even need to make the trip all the way to Seattle, we could have just mailed the papers in. I really didn't want to make the trip a waste of time, so I talked my mom into have lunch in Seattle and explore a bit. We had a fun time hanging out and having some little mother-daughter time!
for the layout I used Crate Paper Restoration collection. Its an older line but still love it, and I'm working through my paper stash anyways so this collection worked so pertectly for my story and my time spent with my mom. Enjoy!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Portland- layout

I'm am sooooo happy with the way this layout turned out!!! It has to be my favorite right now! Awhile back in the AC design team Gallery I saw a one page layout similar to this but a Seattle theme (so sorry I don't remember the one who designed it, if you know please comment me and tell me, totally not taking any credit for this layout). And I knew right away I had to try to recreate it! So back in June, hubby and I went to explore the city of Portland OR. And of course I didn't charge my good camera so I was stuck with my little (crappy) cell phone camera. That meant, if I tried to print the photos large it would be a waist of ink. So next best thing, Print them small and tell the story in 2 pages! And it worked out just perfect for me.
 I started by printing a "silhouette" image of the city of Portland OR and used it as a mask for the spray ink I used. I really wanted the outline of the city to stand out more so I hand stitched with yellow thread all around the spray. Afterwords I picked my images, figured out what size I needed and where they will go. Then numbered off the images (some have 2 photos so I tried to over lap the number to show the reader that those 2 photos are from the same time or go together). Added some layered washi tape and other bits for color and on the far right added all my journaling that match my photos with numbers! Over all a pretty easy layout I think for me the part that took the longest was figuring out where and how the photos will be placed to be in order for events.
Hope you Enjoy! I know I did!

Monday, October 15, 2012

80yrs- Layout

This layout I really enjoyed doing, not only for the story behind all the photos but also adding that middle page protector. I've made a double page layout before seen HERE and HERE, it adds the perfect extra little spot for journaling or photos.  I had a lot of photos and journaling I really wanted to include so that middle page protector was prefect, I actually got the idea from Shimelle Lane, she had done some layouts with videos! I'm not done with all the journaling but I'm alright with that for now.
This layout is about my Grandpa turning 80yrs old and him celebration with all his children, 33 grand-children and 25 Great-grand-kids! How blessed is this man? God is good! It was also our family reunion. We don't have one very often but when we do everybody gets together. Of course not everyone could make it but it was still awesome to see so many beautiful faces I grew up with. We all laughed, and cried, and our hearts where filled with Joy!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Holiday Fun- layout

So I'm not crazy about how this layout turned out. The patterns are a bit busy and don't blend together. But I really don't want to take the whole thing apart and try other papers so I'm just leaving it as is. I must as though that I do like how I did the layering and the layout of paper and photos. Maybe next time I won't go Pattern crazy ;)