Thursday, June 20, 2013

House update

We are getting so close to finishing, that all our time lately has been going to the house. Our tile guy finished both bathroom floors yesterday. All we need is to grout, put in the toilet, counter top with the sink and add the shower head and we'll have one working bathroom (top photo). The second bath, or Master bathroom, will take a bit longer because Vanity's are so darn expensive! and we are out of money. 

I feel kinda proud of myself for finishing a big job yesterday. We are putting heated floors where ever we have tile. The biggest area is the kitchen and we ordered too much wire for it, but can't cut it because it's a special order. We started the job on Tuesday night but couldn't get it done. So i went the next day and finished it, took me 6 hrs but i did it myself! I had to rewire the whole floor, and kept messing up. Finally when I was done with that, I had to lay down thin-set (type of concrete), I've never done it before so I was Nervous! Really hope the tile guy won't be mad if something is messed up. So next thing is tile and counter tops which we ordered on Tuesday and will be installed on Thursday next week, 27th of June. yay so close!
I'll try to up day again soon!

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