Thursday, March 27, 2014

"Hit the slopes" & "Happy 2013"

2 more layouts from this last New Years that we went with my family to the Cabins! I really wanted to get these photos scrapped and documented before we went to a cabin for the New years again. I used a nix of different paper collections to make a winter and cabin feel for these layouts. Enjoy! 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"New Years Cabin" & "winter wonderland"

Made these layouts before the New years and just now getting around to share them. I really wanted to get these photos scrapped and documented before we went to a cabin for the New years again. This year I decided not to buy an Christmas or winter themed paper. For one, I really wanted to use what I have on hand and 2, I didn't seem to Love anything from the new releases. Hey I saved some money, right? So for these layouts I just used whatever I could find that was winter and cabin felling. Im really happy with how it all turned out! I also added a PL page protector in between for all the random photos. but I for got to take photos of them. Oop. but Enjoy for Now! 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

You make my heart sing- layout

More Dear Lizzy product! Can you tell I was totally inspired by the whole collection? This is another LO I found online and really wanted to recreate it. I've always liked seeing those LO where the photos are part of the banner and that's the whole idea that got me going here. And I even made Pink work with photos of my son! that's a score for me!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sweeter together-layout

More Polaroids! I was inspired by the Older Dear Lizzy collection and a similar layout I saw on line. This collection it so cute! but I have a hard time with Pink yet I totally wanted to play with all the fun bits this collection has. The LO I saw on line and loved how the Polaroids make a grid and then used embellishments to form different triangles to draw your eye all other the page. Oh and of course the fun hand stitching around the photo to make it stand out more. I had so much fun with this LO! Enjoy!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Just take a walk- layout

Quick post today! Made this layout a while ago, but I was inspired by the Older Dear Lizzy collection and a similar layout I saw on line. Who doesn't love Polaroid right now? they are everywhere and so cute! Enjoy

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Called to serve- layout

I love old photograph, whether they are of my family member or in a museum of the Towns history. Each one has value, a story, and wonderful memories that I wish I could time travel to experience. But till then I can only try to save those stories and hope that my children with appreciate where their blood comes from. This photo is of my twin uncles being sent off to war. everyone came out to say goodbye, thankfully God has blessed them and they returned safely after 4 years. Just a moment capture in time! 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Billy Graham- layout

Here is another LO that will be going into my Heritage album, even those this photo was taken when I was still a baby. Does that still count as Heritage? probably not, but I'm OK with that. Its also another LO that I left out the journaling, even though I've heard the storys many time of when the famous Billy Graham came to Moscow and we where blessed to go for the conference. I was a baby so I don't know anything but I feel the story should be told and saved for years to come. That's why i'm working with these old photos for this album so I can preserve as many wonderful memories for generations to come. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My grandfather- layout

I'm working with super old photos of my family members for a Heritage album, and I find it a bit challenging to put together. I'm used to working with 4x6 prints that are bright in color and current with whats going on Now. But a lot of the photos I'm working with are B/W and totally different sizes. And I'm not very confident using more "modern" pattern paper with those vintage photos, so i'm slowly working on my album.  This photos is of my Grandfather in the army, I'm really bad at using words and express everything, that's why there is not journaling. But I wanted to talk about how brave, bold and still Godly he was. I'm also a bit scared I'll get some facts wrong, and I've been meaning to sit down with my mom with a pen a paper to get the story just right. till then I'm having fun making layouts and leaving lots of room for stories.