Friday, June 28, 2013

House update!

 its super late and I'm exhausted from work all week at house, and back at it tomorrow. So, quick update for you guys! 
We have counter tops! they got instated on Thursday afternoon. it took a bit longer to install them  (from 3pm to 8pm, it was a long day for me since i was there from 10am) but they are in and I can breath a little easier. I was to worry I ordered the "breakfast sitting" area too large, but thankfully it was perfect. boy is our kitchen huge! yikes! Oh and they installed the bathroom counter-top too. I'm not crazy about the color and how its a bit different from the tile but i'm not gonna stress over it now. 

 So like I said we where at the house all day today, but we got a lot painted. pretty much all the milwork and doors are painted and we even started to take off some of the tape and paper from the bedrooms. We have only a little bit tomorrow of prep and paint tomorrow and then its time to clean, and install some of the fixtures and hopefully unpack some boxes! yikes! I cant believe it till i see it!

 lots of tape and paper, that not even half!
 Milwork all nice and white with our super cool and dark hardwoods!

Now im off to bed! good night!

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