Saturday, June 27, 2009

Few Cards

Alright here is another weekly up date!
I got really awesome bday stickers from the dollar store. super colorful and the are like 3D or something, cuz in side they have little pebbles. and i have 2 baby cards.
I'm really hoping to work on some cards today and tomorrow.
well hope you enjoy and leave me some comments.

Friday, June 19, 2009


I got some awesome finds the other day.
These first ones are from Paper Zone, they weren't on sale but i was excited that i got these. really cute and i have some great ideas for them, now all i need it to find time.

OK these next pic, everything i got at Joann. They had a GREAT sale on paper. it was 6 for .96 cents! dude you cant beat that, that .16 cent per page. i don't know about you but i haven't seen a better deals.
And again, i cant wait to use them.

And these are just some fun stuff i pick up too. =D


On june 11-15 we went to Cali for the Resolved conference, it was great. hard core preaching for 4 days. Got to see some great ppl, and old Friends.

just some of the ppl we went with

Pastor Rick Holland

Yay i got to see Karina

The Best Food ever. In'n Out!

One Last good-bye to Cali

so thats about it. not sure if we'll go next year, but it was good while it lasted

Cannon Beach OR

On May 30- June 1 me and my in-laws went to Cannon Beach OR. It was Beautiful! i could stay at the beach for hours and not get tired of it.
We are Planing to go again soon with my side of the family this time. cant wait.
the first pic is of Saturday sunset.

crazy brother in laws =)

second day at the beach.

That's all for now. oh and i got a hair cut a while back, never got the chance to post anything new, or pic of me.

Old Cards

Some cards i made about a week ago, i have more but don't have them on my camera =(
so maybe tomorrow ill post them.