Friday, January 25, 2013

34th Street Pt3

So these are the last 2 layouts from the 34th street kit. I'm happy to say I didn't scraplift from anyone. Although I'm sure they look like someones layout some where. The first layout is a Halloween layout, it was about my first time Trick or Treating. I'm not sure if I mentioned before but I've been working long and hard at scanning really old photos that don't have back-ups or super old photos back from Russia. I'm planning to scrapbook a lot of them, I want my kids to know what life was like growing up and back in Russia. Anyways these photos are scans of the originals.
The last layout almost didnt happen. I wasn't too excited about this kit. There was not enought paper and too much pink and red, I don't really scrapbook those two together, I think thats why I scraplifted so much this month. I took a look at my scraps one last time before putting them away and felt like I could make on more page.I think I've seen some one cut up the dear lizzy paper and make a similer layout, so with out going and finding that layout I know i could make something with what I had, and I love it! its simple yet so colourful! and I think it took my about 30-40 mins to make! Thats the best part!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

34th Street Pt2

These are the next 2 pages that I recreated. The first layout was inspired by Kelly Noel HERE. I really liked the use of the arrows and how clean and simple it looked. I also added some washi tape from the last months kit.
The second layout was inspired by Jen Jockisch HERE. Again I loved how clean and simple it looked yet has so much impact, plus the great use of the glitter paper, arrows and sticker letters. Enjoy!

Monday, January 21, 2013

34th Street. Pt1

This is the Dec kit for Studio Calico called "34th street". I was a little bummed that it wasn't more "Christmas-y", they had add-ons that where Christmas themed but not the main kit, and I don't have the money to get those. So here we go, the first 2 layouts out of 6.
When I was looking through the gallery of the "creative team" I knew right away I was gonna scrap lift and recreate this first layout done by Nicole S HERE. I loved the use of the red paper and that it has all months in a year, and just like she made one years of photos, it was the prefect way to show how a little one has grown. I also added some letter stickers from the last month for the title and to number the photos.
The second layout was scraplifted from Mercy Tiara HERE. She made this layout using Sock Hop kit from Nov. When I saw that the Dec kit was gonna have that Chevron paper by Dear Lizzy I knew I wanted to use the whole page some how. I felt like it was the prefect use of the paper. I added my own little touch and I'm super happy with both these pages.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas Cards pt.2

This is part 2 out of 4 for my Christmas cards. I useds Echo Park Park called This & That Christmas. I had so much fun making these cards just wish I had started earlier and had my own office space. But we're blessed with what we have!  Hope you Enjoy!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas cards pt.1

I'm so late on this post, but its better late then never. So this [last] year I didnt really get to make as many Christmas cards as I would have liked. I bought 2 paper packs; both from Echo Park. The first is called This & That Christmas; which is this post plus 3 more coming soon, and the other is called A Very Merry Christmas. Sadly I didnt get to work on the second one, but I'm hoping once we move into our House and I'll have a scraproom/ office I'll get around to making more cards for the next year. Anyways Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sock Hop pt.3

My last 2 layouts for Sock Hop kit, lets just say I had way too much fun with this Kit! I wish I had more paper I could have gone on, and on,and on. This first layout I scraplifted HERE. Its actually the last layout I made, so I just used what ever scraps I had left and put it together. As you can see I dont have a photo yet, but I'm totall ok with that, so when the right photo does come all I have to do is add a title and maybe some journaling.
The second layout was scraplifted HERE. I loved the use of paper and journaling off to the side and how the photos where almost in a pocket. My layout talks about my first ever car accident and the evens that took place.
Like I said I loved Nov Kit by studio calico and wish it didnt end so fast. But on to the next kit and I'm gonna try really heard not to scraplift... I'll try...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Birthday Bash- layout

Here is another layout I "scrap lifted" and another layout I don't remember who made it. It's exactly the same other then the extra small photo. This layout is about my hubby's 24th birthday, hence the 2 and 4 playing cards from the Crate Paper Restoration collection. We decided to go out with our friends to our fav. place to eat "The Hub" and afterword went back to our apartment for desert and play games. It was a simple and fun birthday just like the layout. I feel like it really says "masculine", even with the hearts on the playing cards. Enjoy!

Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year

Its a new Year and a "new" beginning! I'm really excited to see what God has in store for me and my family this year! I know there will be some changes, good and bad, but God is in control and that gives me great peace and joy. I don't like making New Years Resolutions, because I break them or give up on them. But I do want to start/ challenge my self with something new [and try super super hard to fallow through with it] this new 2013 Year.
We all seen and heard about Project Life, and I love the idea behind it, but to try to make a 2-page layout EVER week seems too much for me, some weeks I cant even scrapbook one Layout! Plus I'm a stay-at-home-mom with a One year old, and that means some days are super super boring and dull. Boring as in, we clean, cook, and play, and that happens A lot during a slow week. My project life will look more like what I cleaned-and-cooked all week, not something I want to document each week and want look back at. So I've decided I want to try project life but on a smaller scale, I want to document Monthly. I'm thinking about doing 2 2-page layouts (the one with 4, 4x6 and 4, 3x4) that way I'll have 16 4x6 and same with 3x4, total of 34 pockets. That's more then enough room for photos and journaling. I haven't started yet so things may change down to just a 2-page layout. Either way I'm super excited to get my hands on supplies and get started!
So that was my first challenge to my self. The second is to take more photos. I also really want to challenge me self to us my Nikon camera instead of just my phone camera which is pretty crappy anyways. Plus if I'm starting project life that means I need photos to document with, so I'm taking up the 365 challenge I started awhile back but dropped it. I think I'll still post photos on my blog but do it weekly instead of daily.
Please join me on either both or one of the challenges and share them with me! I would love to see what you come up with!
Happy New Years to everyone!