Saturday, July 18, 2009

June cards

I have another post!
so i was going through my photos and realized i haven't post some of the cards i had made about a month ago. oops. but here they are! enjoy

thats not the gift card i was giving (its actually a safeway value card or whatever they are called), just an example

Publish Post

i just love this baby card! dont you?

Day Off

Made a bunch of cards last night! yay! i finally found the time and energy. (well i did take a day off) so hope you enjoy. let me know what you think.

My Bday

So I'm officially 21. well my bday was last week but still. had a great bday! the day before, me, my sisters and my mom had a girls night out in Seattle. we walked around so much.

Public Market in Seattle

Me at 21. Yay

It was a beautiful day! prefect.

Love these ladies! they mean the world to me.

the day of my birthday me and my hubby went out to eat that this really nice place, called the Purple Cafe. Loved it! its not cheap tho but really really yummy