Friday, January 25, 2013

34th Street Pt3

So these are the last 2 layouts from the 34th street kit. I'm happy to say I didn't scraplift from anyone. Although I'm sure they look like someones layout some where. The first layout is a Halloween layout, it was about my first time Trick or Treating. I'm not sure if I mentioned before but I've been working long and hard at scanning really old photos that don't have back-ups or super old photos back from Russia. I'm planning to scrapbook a lot of them, I want my kids to know what life was like growing up and back in Russia. Anyways these photos are scans of the originals.
The last layout almost didnt happen. I wasn't too excited about this kit. There was not enought paper and too much pink and red, I don't really scrapbook those two together, I think thats why I scraplifted so much this month. I took a look at my scraps one last time before putting them away and felt like I could make on more page.I think I've seen some one cut up the dear lizzy paper and make a similer layout, so with out going and finding that layout I know i could make something with what I had, and I love it! its simple yet so colourful! and I think it took my about 30-40 mins to make! Thats the best part!

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