Monday, October 22, 2012

Portland- layout

I'm am sooooo happy with the way this layout turned out!!! It has to be my favorite right now! Awhile back in the AC design team Gallery I saw a one page layout similar to this but a Seattle theme (so sorry I don't remember the one who designed it, if you know please comment me and tell me, totally not taking any credit for this layout). And I knew right away I had to try to recreate it! So back in June, hubby and I went to explore the city of Portland OR. And of course I didn't charge my good camera so I was stuck with my little (crappy) cell phone camera. That meant, if I tried to print the photos large it would be a waist of ink. So next best thing, Print them small and tell the story in 2 pages! And it worked out just perfect for me.
 I started by printing a "silhouette" image of the city of Portland OR and used it as a mask for the spray ink I used. I really wanted the outline of the city to stand out more so I hand stitched with yellow thread all around the spray. Afterwords I picked my images, figured out what size I needed and where they will go. Then numbered off the images (some have 2 photos so I tried to over lap the number to show the reader that those 2 photos are from the same time or go together). Added some layered washi tape and other bits for color and on the far right added all my journaling that match my photos with numbers! Over all a pretty easy layout I think for me the part that took the longest was figuring out where and how the photos will be placed to be in order for events.
Hope you Enjoy! I know I did!

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