Saturday, September 14, 2013

Feb. S.C KIT.

Here is what I've made using the Studio Calico Kit for the month of Feb (and yes its WAY past Feb, its a late post). I believe I scap-lifted most of these layouts but tell you the truth I couldn't get into this kit! I had such a hard time working with it that I just recently finally took it apart and said i'm done! I hate doing that because I know if I really, really push my self I can get over that block and challenge myself in a different way. but every time I look at the all that I have left and I make a face and just have no desire to challenge myself with these products and colors. I think for me its mostly the color combo that drives me away and in the end I'm perfectly happy with what I've made and that now I don't have a burden on me to finish a kit or use up product i don't have any attraction to. some time its OK to just give up. 

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