Saturday, March 21, 2009

Still here

So I’m officially not going back to Hokold Dev. or at least this year. As some know I got laid off about 2 months ago (or in Jan) and this moth March they offered me to come back. First they said full time till July and then part time. But of course I need full time only and not just for 3 months. So the manager, I guess pulled some strings and said that they will take me full time… sound good but everyone I talked to said its better to stay here at Dobler management. I do miss Hokold Dev. I knew everything there and everyone, but its ok I feel like I can grow more here at Dobler then Hokold.
The other day, I went to a class where they train you and teach and show you new things. They also talk about leasing for a living and where you can move to other positions, like if I wanted to I can’t be a manager of a small property, or still work as a leasing agent for a few years and then more to a manager to a bigger property. Not sure at this time what I want to do. I’m just gonna work as a leasing agent.
Ooh we are going to Resolved Conference! Yay cant wait. Its all the way in June but we are defiantly getting ready. And we’ve talk to some other friends and they are going too! So its gonna be good. Of course LOTS of Info for 3 straight days but its worth it! This years theme is Sin.
I’m happy to say that about a week ago I’ve decided that I want to know the bible more. I remember valik saying that “to understand the new testament I need to know the old.” So I started to reading from the beginning. You have no idea how many times ive started but never got far, but I was young and couldn’t understand. Yay I’m happy!

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