Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hey Ya'll

Hey hey! how is everyone out there!
i haven't been updating for a while. sorry ya'll

don't know if i told you in my last blogs but i did find a Job, praise God. still working there, as a leasing agent in apt. i work with great ppl. my manager is Russian so we get along great. and our maintenance guys are really laid back and fun. Praise God!

Another update is that i got a hair Cut! WooHoo!! its a bOb. got it on Monday the 2ND
Please tell me what you think! its not the best pix but thats all i have for now!!

And ive made some more cards this week!!
All my other ones my sister and mom took and they said they loved them! so im excited for these i kow they will LOVE these ones!
If your reading (mom or sisters)! HI! cant wait to see you and to get these cards to you! Love ya!


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