Friday, March 27, 2009


Ok. so tomorrow after work me and my mother-in-law ( i wish there was a shorts way to say that and didn't sound so..."evil") are going to a Baby shower! went shopping yesterday at "baby's r' us" mom has never been there so we went together and looked around. and this is what we go!

And this is the Card i made! yay
(as you can tell its a Boy!)

The inside

and my mommy-in-law had this cute bag at her house with a pocket in front and the card fit perfectly! and looks great!

And this week my mommy asked me to make some invitations for the egg hunt they are doing for my nephew and niece and some other kids in a few weeks! and i personally really, really like the way they turned out!!

(sorry bad lighting, still cant figure it out. grr)


ok so i hope you enjoyed!! please leave some comments and tell me what you think! i love to hear from everyone!

have a great weekend!!

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