Sunday, July 7, 2013

Did I mention...

Did I mention that we moved in?! Yikes! that's right, our own place! The day has finally come! We are still living out of boxes, but that's nothing new, we've been doing that for the past 9 months! yep, it took us 9 months but we are IN!
I was so excited yesterday (Saturday) we got our oven and dishwasher! We moved in on Tuesday night and since then we've been cooking on the grill and the microwave! I'm really looking forward to making some yummy meals and trying out new recipes! The dishwasher isn't hooked up yet but I don't mind hand washing my dishes. Only problem is that our sink isn't hooked up either! So I wash everything in the bathroom sink. lol. Things we do for our own space. We're home owners now so everything is on us now!
We even "hosted" our first "party" the same week we moved it. We had a few family and friends come over for the 4th of July. Our plan all along was to move in by the 4th so we could have fireworks. See the area my in-laws live, fireworks are not allowed, but where we live now they are, and my hubby really wanted to be able to have some fun and blow some stuff up! It was a good night, we grilled (of course) and sat outside in the not-so-sunny-Washington weather but it was warm. Ben did so good during the fireworks! I couldn't believe it! He was tired but he sat with me the whole time, even enjoyed the fire we had afterword's. Hope every one is having a great weekend, and have many wonderful memories of the 4th of July 2013! 

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