Sunday, November 7, 2010

So far so Good!

I feel I'm on the track making my Xmas Cards for this year! had a hard time starting them, but after making these super cute cards I feel I can do anything *wink*. I remember last year my theme was Vintage Santa/ Vintage Xmas, and I enjoyed it. But that's not the reason we celebrate Xmas (Santa, presents, trees and all that) we celebrate for the Birth of Christ Jesus! (and well we still do the presents and tree and all that). The problem with last years theme is there wasn't enough 'Jesus' in the theme or pictures. So this year at Michael's I found "E-Z Rub-on" By Royal Langnickel with the Nativity pictures! That's what I'm going for this year. A little Vintage, very simple, Nativity/christian Xmas Cards! YAY I'm excited!

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