Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Secret Santa

Every year my side of the family does a secret santa drawing on Thanksgiving! that way it will give us enough time till Xmas! This is my second year making the name drawing cards. This year I used my cricut to cut out the "present" envelopes and the tages from the "Sweethearts" cartridge. Who would have thought! Then useing "wild card" cartridge; font, I cut out the names for each person. Then after we do the drawing you can use the tag on the Gift you are giving. smart, or what? I'm so excited for my family to see them! yay for the holidays!

I've also managed to make a few cards last night during our snowy night. Yes thats right snow in WA in November! Oh did I tell you how cold it is. today highs are 25F and lows 11F!!! 11?! I dont think i've ever seen 11F. I think i may just wear a hat to bed tonight.

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