Thursday, October 14, 2010

scanning and Cropping

I'm not making any projects today. Thought I'd take a little break. But I am still working in my scrap corner tonight. Last night as I was falling asleep,or at least trying to, I had a Great Idea. As always I get my best ideas while trying to fall asleep, awesome!
My problem was that I have some great magazine from "creating keepsakes" with great scrapbook layouts (that's not the problem), but there is soo many to look through to get the right fit. So my genius idea last night was, "what if i scan my fav. layouts on to my computer and organize them by how many pages a layout has and pictures per layout, Or at least something along those lines.
So tonight I'm working on the "great idea". So far I've scanned 4 1/2 magazines and working on cropping the scans. Looks like this project is gonna take me a few nights to finish. So looks like I'll be off my blog for a bit, unless the scanning and cropping will drive me crazy and will need to take a break.
We'll see. Wish me luck... and Patience.

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