Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My grandfather- layout

I'm working with super old photos of my family members for a Heritage album, and I find it a bit challenging to put together. I'm used to working with 4x6 prints that are bright in color and current with whats going on Now. But a lot of the photos I'm working with are B/W and totally different sizes. And I'm not very confident using more "modern" pattern paper with those vintage photos, so i'm slowly working on my album.  This photos is of my Grandfather in the army, I'm really bad at using words and express everything, that's why there is not journaling. But I wanted to talk about how brave, bold and still Godly he was. I'm also a bit scared I'll get some facts wrong, and I've been meaning to sit down with my mom with a pen a paper to get the story just right. till then I'm having fun making layouts and leaving lots of room for stories.

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