Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sept Photo love- "TheHunt is on"

As some of you know, 2 peas is doing a "4x6 Photo Love" for each month. Sept being the 9th month, there its 9 photos to scrapbook. All the projects are done by, here is what I came us with!

These are really old photos for an Egg hunt we did a few years ago, and not really thinking I printed a bunch of them. I already made up my mind not to scrapbook them (cuz I wasn't really involved just the photographer at the party), I put the stack of photos away. After coming across the month of Sept 4x6 photo love, and loving the layout, I know what photos to scrapbook right away! I'm really happy with the way it turned out! Enjoy!
P.S. Happy 1st of October!
Baby will be here any day now!


  1. Superb, I love those colours. What a great class this is this month (or rather, last month).

  2. Thanks! It is a great class! I'm excited to see whats for the next month!

  3. Love your page! The colors and the embellishments are awesome! I'm going to be doing my 4x6 photo love project on Monday with my friend. I just finished sewing up our "pockets" as we're doing it at her house and she doesn't sew. Thanks so much for sharing with us!