Friday, August 26, 2011

Past few months

I haven't been post much lately. Being pregnant is wearing me out! hehehe, but i cant complain its been a blessing the whole time! And we're really excited to meet baby Ben!
So here is what you've missed:

Prego photo shoot!

Baby shower # 1
this one was in Tacoma with my husband side of the family
this pix is with the grandmothers =)

the group photo

This is Baby shower # 2 in Everett
mostly my side of the family

with my sisters and mother

Went hiking to Mt. Rainier at 8m! woo hoo! we didn't get far but it was the perfect day to be out!

I'll post more photos of the baby showers and the cool decor we did! yay! It turned out awesome! I'll also post the baby room ideas that are going through my head and what i have planned. Can't wait to share everything!
I'm not working any more so I'll have more time to post and do projects!
Can't forget the projects and cards (the few) i've done in the past few months

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