Saturday, September 11, 2010

Need something New

I've been thinking about my blog lately, and I've decided to make some [good] changes. I thought about how this blog is not 'me', not really. Or at least not what I want it to be. so I'm gonna try something new for this month of September (and yes its already into Sept, but better late then never). I have a cook book from Ikea called 'A Recipe a Day. 365 Recipes.' I love food, and i need to cook more at home so i thought it would be fun to go through the cook book by months. I counted out about 13-15 main dishes, 7-10 side dishes and 6-8 sweets for each month. and for me that mean to go through the whole book I'll have to cook at least 3-4 times a week. I can/should do that. I'll be posting what I've cooked and how it was. I hate to say it but I got the idea from Julie and Julia. September will be my trial run.

Out of this I'm hoping to have more of a consistency. Aside from the food I gonna try to post/ made more card or scrapbook layouts and made just some other random inspiration.

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