Monday, August 10, 2009

wedding & more

Alright! so, update for the week or 2. we're going to my cousins wedding at the end of the week, so im working really hard on getting so wedding cards made. and so far this is what i have. not sure if they are really wedding like, but i think they work. and im trying to get some more done.

another thing, we got a cat! well his a kitten but still! his name is charlie and his 2 months old. he is so playful! he just doesn't stop. love him!

can you believe it! i finally made a scrapbook page! i dont remember the last time i name one. i've been want to make one so bad, and here i am, done. this is from high school, skip day. we went to wild waves. good times

well thats it for now. leave a comment! and enjoy.

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