Monday, April 13, 2009

Egg Hunt

So last Monday we had the Egg Hunt at my mom's house! it was actually fun. the kids fallowed the direction pretty good so over all i have a good time. spent time with my mom and sister and got to running around with the kids

here are a few pic from that day.

And these a made last week but never got a chance to post them.
OH!! and last week i finally got an embossing heat gun and the embossing too!!!
Love it!!! i have no idea how i live with out it! really! its great!
and these are some of the cards i used the embossing for the first time!! YAY!
Oh and this one right Below i got there idea from kwerner design
love her stuff!
Cool huh??

oooo! im gonna try to do another post today, cuz i made some more cards so ya!

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