Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bday cards +

Hi to who ever reads this or at least looks at my pix.
Happy Late V-day! hope everyone had a good time, maybe with some one special or just family!
Monday we went to the park with valiks brothers. No one had school and i didn't have work that day. yay! took this pic of my and my babe =D thought i'd share it!

So this last few days i made a few cards. not much. My mom is so funny, she text me last week and ordered a bunch of different cards. Happy b-day, March 8th, thank you and something else. so I'm trying to get as many as i can done before we go to Everett next time. and for those that dont know, we live about an hour aways from her and my family.
Oh and that same day my sister called too and ask me to make some for her. they all said the same thing "we buy cards anyways, why not get them from you, and these are handmade." i really don't mind. i love what i do and i really enjoy it!
leave some Love for me!

for these cards i got the insperation from HERE, i love her Ideas and cards and the colors.

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  1. I really love those little cards will be nice have couple. Annya